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"Joey's In Chicago"

Big news! I'm now in Chicago attending school. Seattle art and design are still in my blood, but I need to further my education in my craft, and Chicago is my new perch until I finish my schooling in art and interior design.

It was a hard decision to leave my family, friends and the greater Seattle art community. Seattle helped me create well-received collections of art, including "Black Maid Tribute", "Movement", "Sayulita" and "Neighborhoods." Thank you Seattle for embracing me and nurturing my art. I'm not leaving you.

When I first sorted out schools, I of course looked at New York and San Francisco, but I visited Chicago after meeting several people from the Windy City. They told me great things about architecture, art, design, food and of course the cold, windy weather.

I tried it out on a vacation in May. I applied to several schools to get a feel for the people and culture. When I arrived it was love at first sight.

Lake Michigan is as big as an ocean, the architecture spans a century and a half of continuous innovation, the museums and galleries lift the spirit and excite the imagination, and the people span the world and make Chicago a world class city.

I came back three months in a row. I couldn't get enough of it. I've only been here a short time and I have yet to experience a winter. But I look forward in indulging in the very rich culture of a city that never stops evolving.

But I won't just be attending school. I'll soon be posting new paintings inspired by my new surroundings, this fabulous city with its energy, grit and dreams, this melting pot of cultures, ideas, hopes, dreams. Stay tuned!

I'll keep you up to date on my progress here. I would love to hear from you.