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I am so excited to share my new works with everyone especially since we are globally dealing with a pandemic. It's been refreshing for me to create new encaustic paintings while staying safe at home and in the studio.

I call this collection of paintings Release because of the many people who have had to "Stay Safe" or others who had to be quarantined. In my weeks of social distancing I had time to think of simple things like chatting and laughing with friends, hugging love ones and sharing a good laugh with old and new friends. My major escape during these difficult times was in the studio applying one of nature's gifts, beeswax, onto another one of nature's gifts, wood. I suddenly felt a feeling of clarity and freedom and a release.

I hope you feel and see this as well — fluency, effervescence and new beginnings.

All pieces are made from the ancient method of "Encaustic Painting." The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians would use this method made of heated beeswax and pigment to show how a person looked after mummification since 1AD. The technique is still being used today. All works are on white pine wood boards.

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