Joey Robinson and Michael Madden at Calm Rain March 9: Finding Chaos and Community in “NEIGHBORHOODS”
Contact:  Eba Yao Hilario, Calm Rain Studio, (206) 860-3974

Joey Robinson (Black Maids Tribute, Movement ) joins South Sound artist Michael Madden in a tribute to community Friday, March 9 at Calm Rain Studio in Seattle.  “NEIGHBORHOODS” features 20 paintings on canvas and paper with sharply contrasting visions of neighborhood life, from exhilaration to abandonment.  Both artists will be present from 5 to 9 p.m. at Calm Rain Studio, 1825 So. Jackson Street, Seattle.  The show will run thru March 31.

Joey Robinson explains the show this way:

“I met Michael Madden at a Calm Rain party last year and I was impressed by how his art celebrates community.  I invited him to show some of his paintings at a holiday party at my home because there was something very real and revealing and powerful in his compositions and presentations.  I asked Michael to join me for a show at Calm Rain Studio for a collaboration of sorts.  We agreed on the theme “NEIGHBORHOODS.”

“When I saw Michael’s jazzy, iconic works for the show, I knew I couldn’t match their joy and exuberance.  I responded with counterpoint, a study of what is lost when neighborhoods decline in the face of indifference and despair.  I thought of New Orleans and the prejudices that bleed the city like strands of razor wire, and the dark, lifeless houses that mock hope.  I thought of Dr. King’s last book, Where Do We Go from Here, Chaos or Community?, written in 1967, the year race riots exploded in my neighborhood in Newark.  Forty years later the old neighborhood is still struggling to recover, and Dr. King’s central question still haunts us:  Chaos or Community?  This show offers contrasting images.”

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