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Living Well with Joey M. Robinson

"My New Studio in Seattle"

When I was attending school in Chicago I thought about establishing my first public studio/gallery space. When I returned to Seattle last summer, I was very fortunate to find a space in the old Rainier Brewery complex south of the city center. It was a blank canvas. I love blank canvases.

How do I want the space to look? What kind of lighting do I want? Do I want to have a comfortable seating area, a conference area? How many people can comfortably fit into the space? These are easy questions to ask of a client, but for me I had to recall the old adage from my school days: Keep it Simple.

My space planning is simple and works for multi-purposes. It's a work studio, a gallery, a think tank, a gathering spot, a community center and a very cool space to relax.

This is the new Joey M. Robinson Studio. I'll be sharing photographs of my works in progress at the studio as they happen. Stay tuned!

Much love,