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Joey M. Robinson is an abstract painter, portrait artist, photographer and storyteller who resides in San Diego and Seattle.

Mr. Robinson’s work is featured on the ABC television dramatic series “Grey’s Anatomy” and on the front pages of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (P-I), the Seattle Times, and the King County Journal. His 2003 show "Movement" at the Pitcairn Scott Gallery caught media attention for its massive canvases and bold tropical colors that captured mood and motion in fresh new ways. His 2005 "Black Maids Tribute" at the Art Institute of Seattle told in simple words and stark, compelling images, the stories of African American women who served as domestic servants.

Seattle P-I art critic Regina Hackett says, "Robinson paints in a fluid expressionism that owes something to Jean-Michel Basquiat and something to the German expressionists who rose to prominence between the world wars…he favors slashing strokes that connect into solid features, creating mood as well as character with bright, unmodulated colors."

Growing up the youngest of five children, he early on developed an interest in crayons and paint and a passion to create original art. His family lived in the Hayes Homes projects in Newark, New Jersey until he was ten, then moved to a Mies VanDer Rohe apartment building in Newark when his mother, a Newark social worker, earned and saved enough to move the family to a better home. The new building's minimalist environment cleared Joey's palate and prepared his hand and eye for the kind of pure form and color he creates today on canvas and paper.

His family moved to Durham, North Carolina when he was sixteen to care for his elderly grandparents, and Joey stayed on in the South for 17 years. He moved to Washington D.C. in the 1990s and lived five years on Capitol Hill. He came to Seattle in 1999 and holds a residential design degree from the Art Institute of Seattle.